Church Health Consulting
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Success in church ministry is not determined by size but health. Our team is well-versed in church analysis, vision, strategic planning, organizational staffing, budget development, communications, breaking size barriers, and coaching. It all starts with an assessment!

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Health Assessment

A one-day on site assessment with the senior pastor, staff, and governing board to determine strengths that will create health and identify weaknesses that hamper breaking size barriers. The way to determine your next steps are to assess where you are presently in order to define the next steps.

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Full Assessment

A three-day on site assessment that includes a report on ten critical areas. It would also include an interview with the senior leader, staff, and a consultation with the Governing or Elder Board. The result will be measurable goals and strategies toward a vision.

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Leadership Assessment

A year long personal coaching with the senior leader on issues of leadership, vision creation, staffing, and strengthening your church culture. This would also include three tune-ups for the Governing or Elder Board. Every leader needs a coach, every Board needs a tune-up, and every church needs an outside voice that gives honest assessment.


Why should a church, pastor or a Governing Board consider a church health assessment?


Because there is too much at stake! The church is God’s plan for us to reach the unchurched or formerly churched, and to help individuals, couples and families grow spiritually. One size doesn’t fit all! There is no perfect size for a church. It is all about health!


The alternative is to do nothing while pastors burnout and churches decline.

Pastors who feel happy and content with Church 0%
Pastors feeling burn out, fatigue and battling depression0%
Pastors considering leaving the ministry 0%
Preventable with assessment and coaching0%

Vital Areas

10 areas of assessment.

Senior Leader or transition plans.

Governing / Elder Board roles .

Finance tools and metrics.

Facility audit.

Ministry programming evaluation.

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Congregational make-up.

Staff culture.

Community demographics.

Capital potentials.

Communication / Marketing plan.



David Smith headshot.
Dr. David Smith
Leadership Specialist
Robert Davis headshot.
Rev. Robert F. Davis II
Communication Specialist
Paul Clark headshot.
Rev. Paul Clark, M.B.A.
Organizational Specialist
Ryan Adams headshot.
Ryan Adams, M.B.A, C.L.P.
Data Specialist


Let’s get started in assessing health!